Red Dot Arms provides comprehensive training classes with Certified NRA Instructors. From beginning to advanced training, Red Dot Arms training classes are ideal for learning new skill sets and firearms proficiency.


With over a dozen staff instructors and 95 years combined experience, Red Dot Arms maintains the highest standards in proficiency, safety, and instruction. We are committed to excellence!


Red Dot Arms Training Academy uses state-of-the-art training techniques for all of its classes while maintaining the highest standards in firearm safety. Training takes place throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.


Red Dot Arms/Red Dot Arms Training Academy is a one stop shop for all things firearms and personal safety related. Whether you are looking to purchase firearms, ammunition and related products, need to have them repaired by professional gunsmiths, or require basic  to advanced firearms training, RDA has what you are looking for. RDA was founded by a group of ardent patriots that share the common beliefs of our Founding Fathers, that our freedoms and liberties were endowed to us by our Creator, not granted to us by men in a far away city to be given and taken away dependent on the political whims of the day. That our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are ours to keep and our ability to defend them is found in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. The world and our country are in a state of change. With the threat of war, terrorism, violence and financial uncertainty on the rise, RDA prides itself with helping our customers and students be better prepared to take care of themselves, their families and their communities. Sales of all types of firearms and related products are available for you to purchase. However, we are not just here to sell you a gun. RDA is committed to make sure that you choose the correct equipment and that you are able to safely, effectively and responsibly use it. Our staff of dedicated instructors is here to see that you are provided with the type of training that you need. With over 75 years of combined instructing experience, you will be assured of safe and effective, professional, yet friendly instruction. We are here not just to instruct, but also to mentor you as you expand your firearms knowledge.  Many shops have CCL Classes, but RDA goes the extra mile, by providing not only the training that will legally allow you to carry a concealed firearm, but the training you will need to properly defend yourself and your loved ones. As proud supporters of our military and veterans, RDA is pleased to give all currently serving and former military members a CCL Part I Class for FREE! (Current military ID or DD214 required.) You may feel that you do not need a CCL at this point in your life, but much like a parachute, it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! New firearm owners and users to experienced shooters will find a training class that fits their needs. RDA training classes cover all ages of participants, at all skill levels, with all types of equipment. Instruction on the defensive use of knives, pepper sprays and improvised weapons are also available, as well as crime prevention and awareness seminars. Training in first aid, traumatic blood loss and emergency preparations are also available.