Illinois Concealed Carry Part 2 is designed to meet the legal requirements for the second 8 hours of the required 16 hours for IL CCL.

Full Description: During this class, students will be informed of the laws that pertain to carrying a concealed weapon as well as laws pertaining to the use of deadly force in defense of yourself, your home, property and family. This class includes classroom instruction and up to 3 hours of shooting OUTSIDE! Our NRA/IL Certified Instructor will teach students how to carry a pistol responsibly and how to draw and shoot from an OWB holster concealed! Carrying a concealed weapon will change not only your life, but your lifestyle as well. This 8 hour class will provide you with the tools to effectively deal with this change. The Illinois permit is valid for 5 years and is currently accepted in over 25 states. The state of Illinois requires veterans with a DD214 to attend the second 8 hours of training to apply for their Illinois CCL permit. However, Red Dot Arms is pleased to announce that ALL DD214 holders and current serving military attend our CCL Part 1 at NO CHARGE. This free class is our own requirement to attend the part 2 class. This allows us to offer this class safely to all students as this class includes a few hours on the range shooting from a holster. A shooting qualification will take place during this class in order to receive  your state of IL certificate.

This class includes the following materials:


Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois

Completion Certificate

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois

CCL 16 Hour Certificate


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$125 Range Fee Included

Upcoming classes:

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SunJuly 17, 20228:00 AM-5:00 PM5
SunAugust 14, 20228:00 AM-5:00 PM16
SunSeptember 11, 20228:00 AM-5:00 PM14
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Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Illinois State Police SealAccreditation: Red Dot Arms provides comprehensive training classes. All instructors are certified by the NRA and the state of IL.

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Cost: $125

There is a $50 deposit that is non-refundable, but transferable.

Length: 8 Hours

This class consists of classroom instruction and up to 3 hours of range time.

Prerequisites: YES

Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol Class or Illinois Concealed Carry Part 1.

Skill Level

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Class, Goals

To teach students the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to carry a concealed firearm.

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Age Requirements

Any age may attend, but  applicants for an Illinois permit must be 21 years of age. Prospective students under 21 years of age please contact us

Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol Class or RDA CCL Part 1. DD214 and current military ID need to take the RDA CCL Part 1 class, but at no cost. Mouseover the box for more info!

Red Dot Arms, Concealed Carry, CCL, Illinois, Chicago, CCW, Part 1

Concealed Carry Part 1



Concealed Carry Part 1

Things that you should bring to the class!

  • Handgun (larger than .22 recommended)
  • Lunch
  • Holster: Form fitting outside the waistband holster that does not collapse
  • Strong sturdy belt that will hold your firearm and holster
  • 200-300 rounds of ammo
  • Bugspray/Sunscreen (if needed)
  • Outdoor Shoes/Boots
  • Shirt that can be buttoned or tight at the neck (long sleeves may be preferred) AND an open garment (shirt or jacket)
  • Garment that covers your holster (t-shirt, sweatshirt)
  • Water/Snacks/Beverages
  • Baseball Hat (highly recommended)
  • Appropriate clothing as shooting takes place OUTSIDE
  • Lead Wipes/Hand Sanitizer
Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Qualifications, Fitness

For the purpose of your safety and accommodating special needs participants, please contact us at if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Pregnancy, mental handicap, physical handicap, disabled, visually impaired, under the influence of prescription drugs, under the influence of illegal drugs and/or under the influence of alcohol
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Do you ever teach this class during the week?

Yes, this class is offered during the week.  Please check the class schedule. Read More

Is the shooting portion of the class done at the Red Dot Arms shop location?

No. The shooting portion takes place at a nearby location.

Can we bring our own firearms?

Yes, but ammo is not allowed in the classroom.

What classes cover defensive shooting techniques?

Personal Protection in the Home Personal Protection Outside the Home

Do I need a holster for this class?

Yes, per the requirements, students are required to have an outside the waistband holster that does not collapse along with a strong, sturdy belt.

What are the shooting qualifications?

Live fire qualification with a concealable firearm consisting of a minimum of 30 rounds which must include 10 rounds from a distance of 5 yards; 10 rounds from a distance of 7 yards; and 10 rounds from a distance of 10 yards at a B-27 silhouette target approved by the Illinois State Police.  The student is required to get 70% shot accuracy (minimum 21 out of 30 shots fired).

Do you offer any discounts for veterans?

We offer a free CCL Part 1 to all veterans and all current serving military (DD214 or service ID required).

Is this a defensive shooting class?

No, this class covers the second 8 hours required by the state of Illinois to get your concealed carry license.  Red Dot Arms Training Academy offers a variety of classes that do teach defensive shooting.

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Disclaimer


FOID Statement: Illinois residents that will be TRANSPORTING their own firearm to and from the class/range must be in possession of a valid FOID/CCL card, and be of legal age, 21 for handguns, and 18 for long guns.  A FOID card is not required to participate in the class. Out of state residents need to follow the age requirements and have a valid ID.

We reserve the right to dismiss any student for unsafe behavior and/or failure to follow instructions. No refund will be offered.