Skills and Drills-Decision Making and Use of Cover is for those who have their CCL or have taken the NRA Defensive Pistol.

Full Description:  Red Dot Arms Training Academy’s Skills and Drills-Decision Making and Use of Cover Class is open to anyone that currently holds a Concealed Carry License from their home state or has a certificate that demonstrates that they have prior training including use of a holster.  Prior instruction in the use of a holster is required to attend this class. The main focus of this Skills and Drills is making decisions quickly while using cover. This skill must be practiced in order to increase your shooting abilities within seconds. The following are some of the drills you will be completing in this class:

Shooting from the kneeling position

Shooting from behind cover

Make decisions within seconds

Shooting while moving both forwards and backwards.


Verbal Commands

Our pistol instructors and range safety officers will be in attendance to help you along the way. This is a great way for you to continue practicing and building your shooting fundamentals in a safe and fun environment. Please join us as often as you like.

This class includes the following materials:

Completion Certificate

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois

Register for this Class

$50 Please pay in full at time of registration

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Accreditation: Although this is not an NRA class, Red Dot Arms provides comprehensive training classes with Certified NRA Instructors.   This class is exclusive to Red Dot Arms Training Academy and is not endorsed by the either the NRA or registered with the state of Illinois.

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Cost: $50

Payment is due in full at time of registration and is non-refundable, but transferable.

Length: 4 Hours

This class consists of 4 hours of range time.

Prerequisites: Yes

Concealed Carry Part 2 Class or a concealed carry permit from state of residence.

Skill Level

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Class, Goals

To teach students how to make decisions quickly while using cover.

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Age Requirements

Any age may attend, but those under 18 must be accompanied by participating parent or guardian. Prospective students under 21 years of age please contact us at

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Red Dot Arms, Concealed Carry, CCL, Illinois, Chicago, CCW, CCL Part 2

Concealed Carry Part 2



Concealed Carry Part 2

Things that you should bring to the class!

  • Handgun
  • Ammo: 200+ rounds
  • Holster: Form fitting outside the pants holster that does not collapse
  • Strong sturdy belt that will hold your firearm and holster
  •  Minimum: 3 mags and 1 mag pouch. Recommended: 5-6 mags and 2 mag pouches
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Baseball Cap
  • Sunscreen (if needed)
  • Insect repellent (at least 28% Deet recommended) (if needed)
  • Shirt that can be buttoned or tight at the neck (long sleeves may be preferred) and an open garment (shirt or jacket)
  • Garment that covers your holster (t-shirt, sweatshirt)
  • Boots or outdoor shoes
  • Rain gear (if needed)
  • Seasonal clothing as needed. Dress for the weather. Shooting portion of class takes place outdoors.
  • Dress in layers (If needed)
  • Mag loader recommended if you have trouble loading your magazines
Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Qualifications, Fitness

For the purpose of your safety and accommodating special needs participants, please contact us at if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Pregnancy, mental handicap, physical handicap, disabled, visually impaired, under the influence of prescription drugs, under the influence of illegal drugs and/or under the influence of alcohol

What are the requirements to attend?

Please refer to the requirement tab for things that are required for this class.

Is this class recommended for new shooters?

No, this is an advanced class and experience/training with a holster is required.

Can I take this class if I have not shot from a holster?

No. This class requires previous holster experience. We do have a Skills and Drills: Drawing from a Holster Class if you need holster work.

Are rentals available for this class?

No. In order to attend this class, you need to use your own firearm and holster.

Red Dot Arms, Training, Concealed Carry, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois, Disclaimer


FOID Statement: Illinois residents that will be TRANSPORTING their own firearm to and from the class/range must be in possession of a valid FOID/CCL card, and be of legal age, 21 for handguns, and 18 for long guns.  A FOID card is not required to participate in the class. Out of state residents need to follow the age requirements and have a valid ID.

We reserve the right to dismiss any student for unsafe behavior and/or failure to follow instructions. No refund will be offered.